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The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife
The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife

The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife is an absolute delight to read for lovers of Maine, crafting, and the spirit of adventure. In it, Connie writes of her experiences being the wife of a lighthouse keeper up and down the coast of Maine. Not only does she recount numerous harrowing tales, but she has a beautiful and gentle style of writing. 

"Connie Scovill Small writes about her twenty-eight years of lighthouse living and service along the Maine and New Hampshire coasts with her husband, Elson.. "Now in her late nineties, Connie continues to be an inspiration to all who meet her. This new edition of The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife presents Connie's text with many additional photographs from the author's collection. The book also includes an interpretive essay by historian Andrea Hawkes, who examines Connie Small's life story as an important source for understanding New England history and the study of women, and places it within a tradition of American women's autobiography."

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