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About Us

Maritime means "connected by the sea." Living among the inlets and craggy coastlines between Downeast Maine and New Brunswick, this seemed like a perfect way to describe what it is we do!
My name is Lacie. I grew up on a sheep farm, and we would send our excess fleece each year to Briggs and Little woolen mill in Harvey Station New Brunswick. In 2017, our friends at the mill approached me about helping make this traditional yarn easier to find in the US, and so Maritime Family Fiber was born! You can read more about our adventures and find free patterns on our blog.


 lacie glidden as a little girl



Meet Our Employees

Elsie - Sheep Hugging Coordinator



Davey - Director of Phone Background Noise


Reuben Percy - Lead Snuggler

Snuggling baby 

Dave - Clam/Fish/Lobster/Scallop Expert, Sock Field-Tester 



Lacie - Everything Else