Free Shipping on Orders over $60

Shipping Policies

Shipping is a blessing - but a big expenditure for small businesses! 

When the total weight is over 16 ounces we typically use United States Postal Service Priority 1-3 day shipping. Under 16 ounces will ship First Class. Please contact us at if you need priority shipping. You will see several rates from the USPS and our "Standard Shipping" rate, which is usually at a discount. We now have the ability to use UPS shipping as well, which if Priority is not selected, we will use if the cost makes sense.

We do our best to keep shipping costs and overall cost as low as possible for you while still maintaining the highest quality. In order to achieve this, it will take extra time.

Orders usually ship within 1-4 days, though there may be delays of up to a week (up to 2 weeks for wholesale or special orders). Please contact us if you need your yarn more quickly. 

If you need larger quantities or a product not offered here, let us know and we'd be happy to place a special order at no extra charge.

We're so glad you've chosen a small, family business and a locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly product, even though the 'big guys' are sometimes a bit faster. We may not be able to have a drone drop your yarn off within hours, but rest assured your yarn was lovingly made by fairly-paid workers and happy sheep, and that along its way your purchase has helped to provide a simple living for many. 

Return Policy:

We accept returns at no cost to the customer for damaged or faulty yarns. 

All sales of wholesale listings (Bulk Yarn for Dyeing) are final. 

We accept exchanges or returns on retail sales other than Bulk Listings provided the yarn is received in pristine condition within 2 months from the order date. Please contact us at if you have any issues with your order (or would like to chat all things fiber!) and we will be sure to help you out.