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Connected by the Sea

Connected by the Sea

October 4, 2017

The definition of the word maritime, according to, is as follows:


"connected with the sea, especially in relation to seafaring, commercial, or military activity."

The word made sense to me as a good way to describe the purpose of Maritime Family Fiber. We've always intermingled on a regular basis with Canada, from doing our grocery shopping at the Super Store when the exchange rate was favorable, to my wonderful, Campobello-dwelling friends in high school.



 If you look at this photo I took the other day in Lubec, those cliffs on the other side are the Island of Grand Manan, Canada, and beyond that New Brunswick, the home of good wool yarn. My husband travels the channel on his way to the dragging grounds, and the lighthouse is of course West Quoddy head light: the easternmost point in the United States!


 Signage at the park.


It's hard not to be desensitized by the beauty that surrounds you living in Maine. This place is only 20 minutes or so from my home and we visit a lot when we have time to kill, forgetting that people travel by bus, plane, and car thousands of miles to set foot here. My husband grew up in Lubec and was the typical little tow-headed boy you see running around in the woods and beaches, throwing rocks and thumping things with sticks.




If you get the chance, I'd highly recommend the visit! There's rugged beaches filled with irregular-shaped ledges and crashing waves, well-maintained trails that lead to a rare peat bog with plants only found in specific environments, and a hiking path that takes you past amazing views. There's also several lovely picnic areas.



Like the table we stopped at to have a bite to eat.




We spent the evening watching the surf pick up rocks and chuck them at the beach, knitting, and having way too much fun taking photos of yarn and the ocean until it got dark.



 I brought Quoddy Blue in Regal out to visit its namesake: I should have brought Fundy Fog too!


 My current WIP!

 Many young people talk about leaving Washington County, complaining that 'there's nothing to do' or 'it's too cold'. But this is my home. Even as a teenager I never entertained the idea of leaving with anything but dread. Sure, times can be tough. Winters are bone-chilling and long.  Most of the jobs are rugged, physical ones. But every time I see something crazy going on in the world, I thank the Lord for this sleepy cluster of villages.



"Sand Beach" in Cutler ME


Check out this amazing aerial footage of Carrying Place cove, just before the lighthouse by Points East Realty!







Free bonus fact: West Quoddy head is the Easternmost point in the US and you get to it by taking the South Lubec road!

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  • Thank you for my order; I love what my yarn.
    And thank you for the pictures of Lubec, they’re beautiful .
    I have a work in progress house in Eastport and I miss it oh so much.
    I’ll take the ferry over for lunch and shopping. Lubec has great calzones.

    Kate Richards

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