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Fresh Scallop Hat

Fresh Scallop Hat

October 5, 2017

There's nothing richer and sweeter than fresh scallops straight off the boat. A nice mess of scallops sauteed in butter helps soothe my nerves a little after the husband comes home from doing one of the most dangerous jobs out there.


Pattern number 3 of our Christmas KAL is the Fresh Scallops Hat! The design is very simple and worked over 9 stitches. Have fun choosing different color combos! I can make the smaller hats in a day and the larger ones over the course of 2 days if I apply myself. As I've been blocking and wearing the hats I'm reminded of how much I love this yarn! It loves fair isle and only gets better the more it takes a beating, which in my household is a very good thing.



Dave also informed me that despite the relevance of the scallop design, he wouldn't wear it out on the dragger because he wouldn't want it to get ruined if he were to have a hat that 'fancy'...I think that may be a Christmas hint!



As far as sizing goes, the 'child' size should cover most 4-12 year olds, or even a small adult head. The adult size is quite roomy and the hats grow A LOT with blocking, which I highly recommend for any fair isle pattern. There's also the option for a less slouchy hat. If you want to go full-on slouch, add a couple more rows just before the cap shaping.


The chart below gives you the basic idea for how the pattern will play out. The stitch repeat is in the red marked area.


0-6 months (6-12 months/Toddler or Preschool/Child/Adult)



Briggs and Little Heritage in 4 colors of your choice, about 1/3 to 1/2 skein each depending on the size chosen.

available at Maritime Family Fiber

Size 7 double-pointed needles

Gauge is 5 stitches per inch, 7 rows per inch.



Cast on 64 (72/82/90/100) stitches, distributing evenly among the needles. Join to work in the round.

Note: You can do the brim in smaller needles to keep the rib from rolling up, however I prefer to use the same size so it's not tight over my eyebrows. It's up to you!


Round 1: Knit 1, Purl 1. Repeat for rib stitch.

Round 2: Repeat Round 1.

Round 3: Decrease 1(0/1/0/0) stitches. 63 (72/81/90/100) stitches remain. Knit to end.

Size 0-6 months: Knit 3 more rows for a total of 4 knit rows.

Size 6-12 months: Knit 4 more rows for a total of 5 knit rows.

Size Toddler: Knit 5 more rows for a total of 6 knit rows.

Size Child: Knit 6 more rows for a total of 7 knit rows.

Size Adult: Knit 7 more rows for a total of 8 knit rows.


Begin scallop pattern:

Round 1: Join color 2 and *knit 1 stitch in color 2. Knit 8 stitches in color 1*, remembering to catch floats about every 4 stitches. Repeat between ** around.

Round 2: *Knit 2 in color 2, knit 6 in color 1, knit 1 in color 2* Repeat between ** around

Round 3: Knit 3 in color 2, knit 4 in color 1, knit 2 in color 2, repeat around.

Round 4: Knit 4 in color 2, knit 2 in color 1, knit 3 in color 2, repeat around.

Round 5: Knit the number of rows that correspond to your size as listed above (in bold).


Repeat the scallop pattern with 2 more colors for 4 colors in total. After round 4 of your fourth color, continue as follows for a less slouchy hat:


Size 0-6 months: Knit 3 rows

Size 6-12 months: Knit 3 rows

Size Toddler: Knit 4 rows

Size Child: Knit 4 rows

Size Adult: Knit 4 rows


For a more slouchy hat like the ones pictured, knit the number of rows that correspond to your size above (in bold). 


Begin Cap decrease


All sizes round 1:*Knit 7, knit 2 together* repeat between ** around.

Round 2 (and all even rows): knit

Round 3: *Knit 6, knit 2 together* repeat between ** around.

Round 5: *Knit 5, knit 2 together* repeat between ** around.

Round 7: *Knit 4, knit 2 together* repeat between ** around.

Round 9: *Knit 3, knit 2 together* repeat between ** around.

Round 11: Knit 2 together around.

Round 13, sizes child and up: Knit 2 together around.


Break yarn and thread through stitches. Block it too, even if you just wet it down and lay it flat to dry.


Colors used include: Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Silver Grey, Sheep's Grey, Magenta, Violet, Gold, Dark Maroon, Fern, Blue Heather, and Bleached White.



Also, I think we may have to cross 'model' off Bub's list of possible career options as he seems to despise the notion. Other than that the children love their hats and I guess I won't be able to keep them away from them before Christmas! Some worry that if they make things for children out of traditional wool yarn, they won't wear them, but that's what my kids have always worn (and me too!) and have never complained. 


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