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Frog-A-Long Phase 1: Continues

Frog-A-Long Phase 1: Continues

January 2, 2018

Hopefully you've gotten a good start on your assignment from last week: pulling out and categorizing your UFOs. I realize it was a hard week to do so, what with the abundant festivities. But despite several family suppers consisting of every seafood dish known to man, I've made quite a lot of progress in my frog pond: and found a lot more projects!


If you haven't already, take a moment to jot down each of your projects; particularly the ones where you're having a hard time making a decision. I used the headings "Project", "Options", "Decision" and "Date". This way I can throw out the possible options, decide on one, and then mark down a date I'd like to have it done by. If I don't have it done by the date, I'll re-evaluate again whether this is something I actually want to finish.


Some tricks I've been playing on myself: I really don't feel like working on those Celtic socks, but I'm too far into them to turn back. So I have been knitting a repeat a day, which means I'll have them done in 11 days (giving myself a full day for the heel). That's not so bad right?




I also have a 'treat' project, in this case my bonnie bird socks, that I reward myself with once I have finished working through a not-fun WIP. 



Another thing I notice is that projects I thought for sure were just hopelessly terrible, once I have set them down and come back to them they don't seem that bad at all. Take these striped socks. Sure. They're not what I wanted them to look like. But they are still warm and fuzzy, and that's all that matters! My feet are very much enjoying them in this -23F weather we've been having.



So at this point your assignment is:


-make a list of all your works in progress

-make a decision for each one

-set a date you'd like to finish it by


After we've completed these and gotten a good start on finishing our frogs, we can move on to phase 2!


Don't forget to share you progress and ask questions on Facebook or Instagram. I've very much enjoyed seeing everyone's work!

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