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Maine Fiber Frolic Fun!

Maine Fiber Frolic Fun!

June 4, 2017

 This weekend we went to the Maine Fiber Frolic for the first time since I was just a tweeny-bopper. It was SO much fun! The fleeces were to die for; I felt like diving in headlong to some of those bags of wool and snuggling. Walking in and around all the beautiful displays of colorful hand-dyed yarn was such a treat for the eyes. We brought all my kids and my sister's kids and had a ball.


I may or may not have picked up some naughtiness while I was there...and by naughtiness I mean more roving when I already own tons...but just look at those colors? How could you resist?? Plus, is there anything better than cuddling up to your wheel in your comfy clothes after a long day of fiber-ogling and starting on a new project? I don't think so.


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