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More Mini-Mitts!

More Mini-Mitts!

April 18, 2018


And just look at my beautiful, glowing, expectant sister! This one's the fisherwoman, and always getting roped into modeling for me.

These DK versions of mini-mitts feature bright springy colors but are thick enough to stave off the sprinter chill.


Choose from full mittens, long fingerless gloves, medium fingerless gloves, and mini-mitts which just cover the palm. 

These mittens run small, but they can easily be made larger by upping the needle size, but do remember that lace grows a lot after being blocked or worn. But if you've got good big hands feel free to go up a needle size or two.



Size 3.25mm/3 double pointed needles

1 skeins Briggs and Little Regal Meadow Green, Lilac, Briar Rose, Yellow, or color of your choice. Regal has lots of beautiful colors to choose from! Get it here



Sizes: mini-mitts, pictured in Yellow (medium fingerless gloves, pictured in Meadow Green)(long cuff fingerless gloves, pictured in Briar Rose)(mittens pictured in Lilac)


Cast on 38 stitches, distribute across double pointed needles, placing marker for the beginning of the round, knit 5 (10)(10)(10) rows in knit 1 purl 1 rib.


Knit 1 round.

Knit 2 (thumb stitches), start row two of lace chart. Repeat 4 times around. Lace repeat is in multiples of 9 stitches, so you will want to arrange your stitches accordingly so you won't be changing needles mid-pattern.




Increase for thumb after 0 (3) (7) (3) lace repeats

Thumb Increase: Make 1 in first stitch and second stitch (4 thumb stitches)

Next round: Knit even

Next round: Make 1, knit 2, Make 1.

Continue in this manner, increasing on each side of the thumb until you have 10 total thumb stitches: while at the same time working the lace pattern outside the thumb stitches. 

Work in pattern, working the thumb stitches even until you have 6 lace repeats across the thumb gusset, 6 (9)(13)(9) lace repeats total. 


Next round: Slip first 10 thumb stitches to a stitch holder. I prefer a piece of yarn since it is flexible. Begin knitting in pattern, without adding a stitch. 

Complete 3 more lace rounds for fingerless gloves, mitten-makers skip to mitten instructions!

Knit 1 more round even.

On your next round, begin working a knit 1, purl 1 rib for 5 rounds. Cast off.


Mitten instructions:

Work 8 more lace repeats. On your next round, knit 2 together around. Knit 1 row. Knit 2 together around a second time. Thread remaining stitches through your yarn and secure it firmly using a darning needle. 


Thumb: Pick up 10 thumb stitches from holder and arrange them on 2 double pointed needles. With yarn, pick up and knit 4 stitches across gap, joining in the round. Note, if you'd like a roomier thumb you can pick up 2 more here.


Fingerless glove thumb: Work in knit 1, purl 1 rib for 5 rounds. Cast off.


Mitten Thumb: Knit around for 19 rounds. On your next round, knit 2 together around. Thread yarn through remaining stitches and secure firmly with a darning needle. 


Weave in your ends, block them (please do, it make such a difference and isn't hard, just wet 'em down and give them a good stretch!) and pretend that it's not freezing outside!






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