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Reversible Boot Topper Socks

Have you ever worn boot toppers and went about your day stylishly but felt slightly disingenuous? You know what I mean: it looks like you’re wearing a long pair of deliciously cabled, cushy wool socks but only you know the truth: it’s a mere band of 6 inches or less. 


Ok, so maybe it’s less of a moral conundrum and more about practicality after all. With these boot topper socks, you can have the best of both worlds: a reversible cabled topper band with a comfortable thin sock included. It's a great accessory that your family and friends probably don't have - making it the perfect start to our Holiday KAL! Make these for Mom, sisters, nieces, even a fashion-forward gentleman in your life.  


The cuff works up quickly on large needles in Atlantic 3-ply, making the rest fly by in Durasport (not Sport, you need some nylon!) after that. Customize the length of the ribbed cuff according to the height of your boot. So for a low boot, you would do no ribbing or just a couple rows, and for a taller boot you would measure until just under the top of the boot. The cabled cuff can be folded down too! 



1 Skein Briggs and Little Atlantic, available at

1 Skein Briggs and Little Durasport, also available at

1 set size 8 US/5mm double pointed needles for cuff

1 set size 2.5mm double pointed needles for sock

Sizes: Women’s small (women’s average) 

Begin Cuff:

Cast on 56 stitches in Atlantic on larger needles, join in the round. Adjust stitches by multiples of 4.

Round 1: Knit 4, Purl 4 around.

repeat round 1 until you have 4 rows.

Cable Round: *Slip 2 stitches knitwise to a cable needle, hold to back, knit 2 stitches, knit 2 stitches from cable needle. Slip 2 stitches purlwise to cable needle, hold to back, purl 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches from cable needle.* Repeat between ** around.

Rounds 6-13: repeat round 1.

Round 14: repeat cable round.

Repeat rounds 5-13 2 times more, for a total of 4 cable rounds, or more if you desire.

Repeat round 1 4 times more, change to Durasport and size 2.5mm needles. 


Round 1: knit around

Round 2: Knit 2, Purl 2 around.

Repeat round 2 until desired length. Ideally this should be customized to your boot height. 

Heel flap:

Beginning on the next round (right side), Knit 1, slip 1 15 times, knit one more stitch. 31 heel stitches.


TURN your work now, and work just these heel stitches back and forth to create the heel flap, purling on the back side and knit 1, slip 1 on the right side, as established in pattern. 

Work 31 (35) rows, ending with a purl side row.

Turn the heel:

Knit 21 stitches, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over knit stitch, turn work.

Slip 1, purl 12, purl 2 together, turn work.

Slip 1, Knit 12, slip 1, knit 1, passed slipped stitch over. 


Repeat these last two rows until only the center 12 stitches remain, ending with a right side row. 


Without turning work, pick up 15 (18) stitches along the edge of the heel flap, knit across the top of foot stitches, pick up 15 (18) more stitches on the other side of the heel flap, knit a few stitches from the heel turn so that the sock forms a comfortable triangle. Mark the center of the heel flap stitches as the beginning of your round.


Gusset (foot decrease):

Decrease round: Working in the round once more, knit to the last three stitches on the first needle, knit 2 together, knit 1. Knit top of foot stitches even. On the last needle of the round, knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over, knit to end.


Next round: Knit all stitches. 


Work these 2 rounds until you have 64 (70) stitches. Work these stitches even until the foot measures 7.5 (9) inches from the heel, or until it reaches the end of your pinky toe when you try it on. 


Toe Decrease:

Arrange stitches so that the first needle has 16 (18) stitches, the second needle has 32 (35) stitches, and the last needle has 16 (17). 

Round 1: Knit until the last three stitches on needle 1, knit two together, knit 1. Moving to needle 2, knit 1, slip 1, pass slipped stitch over, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit two together, knit 1. On needle 3, knit 1, slip 1, pass slipped stitch over, knit to end.

Round 2: Knit.

Repeat these two rounds until less than 20 remain, slip yarn through needles and secure on the inside. For a kitchener toe, you'll need to start sooner, just make sure you have an even number of stitches on each needle and that it's centered.



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