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Sylvi Coat - A Start At Last!

Hello Sylvi KAL knitters! After a tussle for needles, I have gotten a real start!


The very first part knit is the cuffs. It starts with instructions to slip every stitch at the beginning of the row. I have always struggled with making this technique look neat, but I did it nonetheless.

Cuffs poorly sewn up
From there, the sewing together the cuffs was a little different and I'm not sure I've done it right. The pattern asks you to make a little overlap and backstitch, not matters stitch, the ends together. I made this overlap on the inside, and after thinking about it I think it was supposed to go on the outside. I think if I had to do it again I would nix the overlap altogether, but I am knitting it as written.

Seed stitch

After the cuffs are knit and sewed together, you pick up stitches along the cuffs. It's interesting to note it's the same number of stitches for all sizes. From this point, it's 11 inches of seed stitches for my size, so I can take a breath and relax! It’s a very squishy fabric, and I was hesitant about my yarn choice but I am loving the extra lanolin in the natural sheep’s grey color. 

You can see I decided to make my sleeves two at a time on magic loop. I love doing sleeves this way as you'll be sure they are the same length!

This pattern is definitely different than the average pattern I think, but I know the finished product will be worth it, and I think the mental stretching is always good for the mind. 

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  • I love your yarn choice! I have never put two different pieces on the circular needles. I think I would get confused. lol Where would I find the pattern for this?


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