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Sylvi Coat - Cast on at Last!

Perhaps you've been working on your Sylvi Coat, all lonely and sad, wondering where your fellow knitters have been. Well, we are here at last!

Sleeve Cuffs at the Supper Table
There was a long, drawn-out series of mishaps and snafus in simply getting the correct needles in the brand and size that I prefer (Chiagoo, for magic loop it's my favorite) but at long last, during my visit to local yarn shops I picked up a pair at The Cashmere Goat in Camden. 

And at last - I was able to cast on! I am not sure if this has happened to you, but some projects do feel a bit cursed. However, I am hoping to clear any 'bad ju ju' and get a fresh start! 

The pattern starts with the sleeve cuffs, knit separately from the sleeve. It's a simple enough beginning, and I can already see that the gauge is working out to be a quick knit itself minus the details and ornaments which may be a little more time consuming. 

You will notice I decided to use magic loop. For me, it's very difficult to make sure the sleeves are identical, and when the gauge is this big, every row is important. It also does away with second sleeve syndrome. 

The Cashmere Goat in Camden

If you'd like to join this KAL late, or if you're stuck on your own Sylvi, feel free to reach out! The best was to do so is at 


  • Yes, it can be fiddly! The original pattern is written for DPN and straight needles.

  • Just speaking for myself, and I am not making this KAL, I detest circular needles of any ilk. You are always fighting with the cables. So I think it’s nice to include instructions for DPNs.

    Mary Miraglia

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