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Sylvi KAL - Choose Your Colors!

Hello everyone! If you are on Facebook, you have probably already seen we are hosting a KAL that lasts the entire year for the Sylvi coat. I will additionally be posting here so that non-facebookers can follow along as well. It is less interactive, but provides a way for us to still knit together! If you'd like to join our group on Facebook, you can find it here:

Why the Sylvi coat? Well, many have asked for the past few years to host a KAL for it, since the original pattern is made with Atlantic. It's also a huge undertaking, which makes it a good project to have company for! I will be honest, I've always had the thought that you can tackle any project if you take it one stitch at a time, however when I just bought the pattern and printed it off, I sort of gulp and thought I hope I'm up for leading the way on this!

But it has several things going for it: there are over 1600 projects on the Ravelry page. That means those who have gone before us in knitting the coat have made notes and taken pictures to help us along. Also, anything knit in Atlantic promises to work up quickly. Also, we will have each other to help!

Now, we will give ourselves a full year to complete this project. So we can take it slowly and easily. The first step is to choose a main colorway, in Atlantic. I think I have chosen Sheep's Grey. While it is not exactly a 'floral' tone, I feel it will show off the design well and be a good 'coat' color. I have hopes to line this coat and use it as a winter coat.

I also have an inquiry in to the designer as to sizing. It appears to be very oversized, though it only runs up to XL. The yardage calls for only goes from 12-14 skeins, so I am curious what the process for adding even more inches would be like. I would think it would be fairly easy to add more seed stitches. 

If you're up for a challenge, I hope you'll join us as we knit along!

Sylvi Coat pattern:

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