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Sylvi KAL - Sizing up

Pictured: From the Sylvi Coat listing, raveler user angelofno's Sylvi Surprise.

Good morning KALers! Have you cast on yet? Or are you still deciding on colors and sizes?

I am popping in to make a note about size. A few folks had asked about sizing up to 2X or 3X, so I sent a note to the designer because while I know other folks have done this in the project notes on Ravelry, I was unable to find them only because of the sheer volume of projects and the search feature being perplexed about what I meant. 

Anyway, starting a project this ornate is a big deal, and we want to make sure we have a finished product that not just fits us, but loves our fit. The beautiful thing about knitters is that we can teach ourselves how to do this. 

Firstly, it's important to note that the fit of the coat is intended to be oversized, though it doesn't have to be. You will have to decide what type of fit you would like.The largest bust size is 47" which to me doesn't seem that large (but then again size is all relative) but the seed stitch is also very stretchy.

Next, find a cardigan or coat that you really love, or measure where you'd like the bust to fall on yourself, and if that measurement is more than the 47" of the largest size, you will need to size up.

The best idea would be the knit a gauge swatch (I know, I know so cliche) or use the pattern gauge listed, and calculate how many more stitches you will need to achieve that size. And where should they be put? Well, not having knit the coat myself yet, I assume there will plenty of room on either side of the floral design to add extra stitches, as well as on the fronts, backs, and if necessary the sleeves. It would be very wise to write down how many stitches you end up adding, and remember to add that to your pattern totals as you get going along. 

Lastly - take a deep breath! This is a big project but it is supposed to be fun (hee hee) so remember to take it easy and enjoy the process!

Also, if you have Ravelry you can take a peek at some of the colors others have chosen here


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