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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Cuddly Candle Sleeves

    Cuddly Candle Sleeves Free Pattern December 1, 2017 Hopefully by this time in our knit-a-long, you have a neat stack of ...
  • Cozy Woolly Pillow

    Gift number 4 in our Christmas knit-a-long is an unimaginably snuggly, fluffy, puffy, couch pillow! These are the ideal family gift as the holidays near and there's less time to make individual presents. They're are also great for people you may not feel comfortable knitting clothing for. Add a wood fire, a cup of coffee and some knitting to your oversized woolen pillow and let the coziness commence.
  • Autumn Approaches

    and what better way to celebrate than to knit up a patch o' ponkins? Our actual pumpkin patch was pitifully pathetic this year with such a short growing season. In fact, I can see why in years past mainers survived on potatoes and apples, because they're pretty much the only steady crops that grow here, which is fine by me!