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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Lambs and Wool

    The world may swirl around her, but nature pays no attention to current events. Still the cycle of life continues to spin despite the doings of humans. The woods are teeming with bear cubs, spotted fawns, downy chicks, and sweet baby bunnies. Lime green new growth edges the fir branches and wide, brilliant leaves adorn every tree and fill the forests to overflowing. 
  • My Rooster Attacked Oprah

    Growing up on a farm in Maine, I didn't really think my childhood was that different than anyone else. In fact, the average Mainer has a garden, perhaps some chickens pecking around, maybe even a few sheep or a pig rooting up the dooryard. The local census in Bucks Harbor Maine growing up boasted of 75 residents, give or take a few. So most of my friends ended up being my animals. Each of them has a story of their own to share; some more glorious than others, like Rocky the Rhode Island Red Rooster here: