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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Lambs and Wool

    The world may swirl around her, but nature pays no attention to current events. Still the cycle of life continues to spin despite the doings of humans. The woods are teeming with bear cubs, spotted fawns, downy chicks, and sweet baby bunnies. Lime green new growth edges the fir branches and wide, brilliant leaves adorn every tree and fill the forests to overflowing. 
  • Forest Sheep Socks

      Sheep frolic past rows of evergreens on these worsted-weight, colorwork boot socks. I hope you'll find these socks a festive addition to your gi...
  • Maine Island Days

    We leave early in the morning, though not nearly as early as the 4 o'clock launch time of the lobster fishermen. Many of them are already back on the moorings at 7 when we load up our gear and set off. 

  • The Legacy of Maine Island Shepherding

    Look at a map of Maine and amongst the ragged, island-sprinkled coastline, you'll find many names related to sheep. Why? Because for generations Maine shepherds have known islands to be some of the healthiest places for sheep.