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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Frogalong Phase 2: Let's Finish Up!

    A mere two months have passed since the start of the new year, and yet many of us have already given up on those promises we made when we were sentimental and hopeful.
  • Frog-A-Long Phase 2: Begin!

    Do you have a plan for all your unfinished objects and works in progress? I hope so! If you do, it's time to move on to phase 2!
  • Frog-A-Long Phase 1: Continues

    Hopefully you've gotten a good start on your assignment from last week: pulling out and categorizing your UFOs. I realize it was a hard week to do so, what with the abundant festivities. But despite several family suppers consisting of every seafood dish known to man, I've made quite a lot of progress in my frog pond: and found a lot more projects!
  • Frog-a-long Phase 1: Begin

    Ready your frogging hand, it's time to begin!