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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Hop and Skip Hat

    If you need a hat done in a hop, skip, and a jump, this one is a great option! Using just 1 skein of Briggs and Little Super, it can easily be completed in one evening. 
  • Fresh Scallop Hat

    There's nothing richer and sweeter than fresh scallops straight off the boat. A nice mess of scallops sauteed in butter helps soothe my nerves a little after the husband comes home from doing one of the most dangerous jobs out there.
  • Use It Up, Wear It Out - Free Pattern

    When I first heard this World War II Era saying, it stuck with me. Often it's easier to throw things away or replace them. It sometimes requires learning new skills or taking time to fix things, and it can be uncomfortable to 'make do'. But there's also a character shaping that comes along with this mindset, and that is worth all the time you spent trying to get that drum turning on that 20 year old dryer (*clears throat*).