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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Warm and Worsted Socks

    This take on the Fisherman's Boot Socks combines the ease and durability of worsted yarn with a simple textured pattern that creates elasticity on ...
  • Forest Sheep Socks

      Sheep frolic past rows of evergreens on these worsted-weight, colorwork boot socks. I hope you'll find these socks a festive addition to your gi...
  • The Fisherman's Boot Socks

    It's a magical moment - I'm finally writing down my boot sock pattern! It's hard to say why, but I'm actually a tad emotional about this. This is the pattern I have knitted hundreds of times over my short years. At this point, whenever I pick up the needles I pretty much automatically start casting on 15 stitches per needle. That's not to say that I'm some sort of sock guru, in fact I have been doing some sole-searching (snicker) and I think I need to branch out and try more ways of knitting socks. But in the mean time, I give you - the Fisherman's boot socks!