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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Knitting as Art, Knitting as Love

    I have the tendency to wax poetic, maybe even to excess, when describing just how much knitting and all fiber arts have been soothing, comforting, ...
  • Warm and Worsted Socks

    This take on the Fisherman's Boot Socks combines the ease and durability of worsted yarn with a simple textured pattern that creates elasticity on ...
  • Lambs and Wool

    The world may swirl around her, but nature pays no attention to current events. Still the cycle of life continues to spin despite the doings of humans. The woods are teeming with bear cubs, spotted fawns, downy chicks, and sweet baby bunnies. Lime green new growth edges the fir branches and wide, brilliant leaves adorn every tree and fill the forests to overflowing. 
  • Maine Adventure Series: A Lighthouse Adventure

    In the mouth of Little River in Cutler Maine, a stately white lighthouse sits on an island, guarding the entrance of the peaceful harbor where doc...
  • Atlantic Wristers

    The Atlantic ocean - filled with mystery, untamed, answers to no one. Attempts to harness it usually end in twisted rubble. Over time, it wears and...
  • Maine Adventure Series: Ice Fishing

    Often the showy display of Maine's rocky coastline distracts from the fact that the northern state also boasts thousands of lakes and ponds. So many, in fact, that hundreds of them are unnamed. In the 22 million acres, there remains many a place untouched by human hands. As a natural result of so many beautiful bodies of water, ice fishing is a favorite pastime of the locals. 
  • Bleached, Washed, or Natural: What’s the Difference?

    This is a question we get a lot, and for good reason! The shades are fairly similar, so why the three different colors? 
  • Fundy Bay Shawl - The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife KAL

    Fundy Bay Shawl - The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife KAL

    Join us as we read the book by Connie Scovill Small, The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife, and knit this shawl inspired by the humble yet intrepid life of not only Connie, but lighthouse keepers and sea-men and women up and down the coast!

  • Of Tea Cups and Ice Storms

    Last week, I rushed through the flurries to the farm. The sheep didn't need moving, nor was I there to train Finn the border collie. I hurried my little ones through the door and unwrapped them, excited to begin a favorite activity: yarn scheming with my mother. 
  • Forest Sheep Socks

      Sheep frolic past rows of evergreens on these worsted-weight, colorwork boot socks. I hope you'll find these socks a festive addition to your gi...
  • Maine Island Days

    We leave early in the morning, though not nearly as early as the 4 o'clock launch time of the lobster fishermen. Many of them are already back on the moorings at 7 when we load up our gear and set off. 

  • Heritage Star Mittens

    These Heritage Star mittens are the next free pattern in our Christmas KAL! They are quick and cozy, a perfect gift.  The origin of these mittens ...