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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • Four Way Poncho

    One poncho, 4 ways to wear it! Which is your favorite?
  • Fresh Scallop Hat

    There's nothing richer and sweeter than fresh scallops straight off the boat. A nice mess of scallops sauteed in butter helps soothe my nerves a little after the husband comes home from doing one of the most dangerous jobs out there.
  • Connected by the Sea

    The definition of the word maritime, according to, is as follows:


    "connected with the sea, especially in relation to seafaring, commercial, or military activity."

  • My Rooster Attacked Oprah

    Growing up on a farm in Maine, I didn't really think my childhood was that different than anyone else. In fact, the average Mainer has a garden, perhaps some chickens pecking around, maybe even a few sheep or a pig rooting up the dooryard. The local census in Bucks Harbor Maine growing up boasted of 75 residents, give or take a few. So most of my friends ended up being my animals. Each of them has a story of their own to share; some more glorious than others, like Rocky the Rhode Island Red Rooster here:
  • Autumn Approaches

    and what better way to celebrate than to knit up a patch o' ponkins? Our actual pumpkin patch was pitifully pathetic this year with such a short growing season. In fact, I can see why in years past mainers survived on potatoes and apples, because they're pretty much the only steady crops that grow here, which is fine by me!
  • The Fisherman's Boot Socks

    It's a magical moment - I'm finally writing down my boot sock pattern! It's hard to say why, but I'm actually a tad emotional about this. This is the pattern I have knitted hundreds of times over my short years. At this point, whenever I pick up the needles I pretty much automatically start casting on 15 stitches per needle. That's not to say that I'm some sort of sock guru, in fact I have been doing some sole-searching (snicker) and I think I need to branch out and try more ways of knitting socks. But in the mean time, I give you - the Fisherman's boot socks!
  • What is Maritime Family Fiber?

    Briggs and Little has been quietly churning wool into yarn next to the Magaguadavic river in Harvey Station New Brunswick for over 150 years. That's longer than Canada itself has even been a nation!
  • Christmas Knit-a-long Project 1

    Tear off the covers, leap down the stairs, bound toward the living's Christmas morning!

    Well, Christmas Knit-a-long morning, that is!

  • Use It Up, Wear It Out - Free Pattern

    When I first heard this World War II Era saying, it stuck with me. Often it's easier to throw things away or replace them. It sometimes requires learning new skills or taking time to fix things, and it can be uncomfortable to 'make do'. But there's also a character shaping that comes along with this mindset, and that is worth all the time you spent trying to get that drum turning on that 20 year old dryer (*clears throat*).
  • What Do You Mean by "Strong Wool"?

    If you've been around the wool world for a while, none of this will be news to you. But if you're wondering what we mean by 'strong wool', read on!
  • Independence Day in Cutler Harbor

    Happy fourth of July! The town of Cutler really knows how to celebrate Independence day, and for good reason! The first naval battle of the revolutionary war was fought - and won - right in our dooryards (over by Bucks Harbor) by a rag-tag bunch of fishermen.  My favorite revolutionary character is a woman named Hannah (Watts) Weston. She is my great x 8 aunt. During the battle, she gathered 40 pounds of cups, plates, and spoons to be melted for ammunition, put them in a pillowcase and stuffed her apron full, and traveled 16 miles to the site of the battle all while 6 months pregnant. They were tough, hard-working people: selfless and not scared by much, and I'm proud to say I'm descended from them.
  • Cable Lover's Cowl - Free Pattern!

    Can't get enough cables? How about making a squishy, bulky, all-over-horseshoe-cable cowl to drape around your neck and keep you warm?