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Maritime Family Fiber:

  • What Do You Mean by "Strong Wool"?

    If you've been around the wool world for a while, none of this will be news to you. But if you're wondering what we mean by 'strong wool', read on!
  • Independence Day in Cutler Harbor

    Happy fourth of July! The town of Cutler really knows how to celebrate Independence day, and for good reason! The first naval battle of the revolutionary war was fought - and won - right in our dooryards (over by Bucks Harbor) by a rag-tag bunch of fishermen.  My favorite revolutionary character is a woman named Hannah (Watts) Weston. She is my great x 8 aunt. During the battle, she gathered 40 pounds of cups, plates, and spoons to be melted for ammunition, put them in a pillowcase and stuffed her apron full, and traveled 16 miles to the site of the battle all while 6 months pregnant. They were tough, hard-working people: selfless and not scared by much, and I'm proud to say I'm descended from them.
  • Cable Lover's Cowl - Free Pattern!

    Can't get enough cables? How about making a squishy, bulky, all-over-horseshoe-cable cowl to drape around your neck and keep you warm?
  • Maine Fiber Frolic Fun!

     This weekend we went to the Maine Fiber Frolic for the first time since I was just a tweeny-bopper. It was SO much fun! The fleeces were to die for; I felt like diving in headlong to some of those bags of wool and snuggling. Walking in and around all the beautiful displays of colorful hand-dyed yarn was such a treat for the eyes. We brought all my kids and my sister's kids and had a ball.
  • Nice to Meet You!

    We're so excited to begin sharing Briggs and Little yarn with you! My name is Lacie. I grew up on a sheep farm on the coast of Maine in a family of 7. In my opinion, that's just about the best childhood anyone could have.